Max Scherzer exits in the 4th inning with a leg issue; Nats give one away!

First things first, Max Scherzer exited the game with some leg tightness in the 4th inning while throwing a shutout and a one-hitter. Scherzer did go for a precautionary MRI. Dusty Baker brought in AJ Cole who continued the shutout and the one-hitter. Enny Romero threw a scoreless 8th inning followed by Brandon Kintzler for the save in a 1-to-0 game. It wasn’t meant to be as Max Moroff who got the first hit of the game got the last hit of the game for the game winner.

The Nationals got their only run of the game on a Ryan Zimmerman RBI single. In the cool weather, the baseball was not carrying and the long fly balls never carried as far as they looked off of the bat.

Dusty Baker will not get 99 wins this regular season, but he will get a chance tomorrow for 98 wins and a chance to tie Davey Johnson‘s 2012 team.

“There’s nothing else to talk about right now so you’re going to talk about something,” Ryan Zimmerman said to the media after being asked that little things become a bigger deal.

Speaking of something to discuss, why was Jayson Werth still in this game in the 9th inning? Werth threw a 3-bouncer that wasn’t close at the play at the plate on Sean Rodriguez‘s single and then on Moroff’s game winning triple — that has to be caught, right? Doesn’t Andrew Stevenson catch that ball?

This is how close Jayson Werth was to Moroff’s baseball. What would you say 3 to 4 feet away?

Screenshot of the game winning Moroff hit in the 9th inning

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