Roark gives up 6 runs and takes the loss; Trea on-base 5 times

When your speedy lead-off man is on-base 5 times and he only scores one run you know there’s an issue. Add to that Daniel Murphy was on-base 4 times and Michael Taylor was on base 3 times and you would think the Nationals scored double-digit runs. Well, the Nats scored 5 runs and it was not enough as Tanner Roark gave up 6 runs in 4 2/3 innings on 7 hits and 5 walks which included 3 lead-off walks in the 5 innings he started.

Roark actually had a 2-run lead and the Nationals could have blown the game wide open but Ryan Zimmerman struggled all night with runners on base including bases loaded and no outs. Zimmerman left 7 runners on base and went 0-for-5 with 3 strikeouts. In fact all Nats starters that played the full game got on-base at least 2-time except for Zimmerman. The Nats had 11 hits, 7 walks, and a HBP.

The Chicago Cubs finally sewed up the NL Central crown which finally sets the stage officially for the Nationals and Cubs showdown in the NLDS to begin on October 6th.


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