Game #126 AJ Cole is back! 4-game weekend series with the Mets!

Parts of the Nationals and Mets current line-ups are almost unrecognizable these days as both teams have been decimated by injuries. The Mets just suffered another season-ending injury yesterday. This time they lost Michael Conforto who has a very violent swing, and this time he popped out his shoulder on a swing and miss. It’s a shame since Conforto was having a breakout season and was a legitimate Top 12 MVP candidate in the NL before the injury.

Tonight’s 7:05pm line-up from the respective managers, Terry Collins and Dusty Baker, will look like a Port St. Lucie or The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches split-squad game from both teams. The difference is the Mets have their best pitcher on the mound in Jacob deGrom, and Max Scherzer who was penciled in for this game is not ready which meant a spot start call-up for AJ Cole from Triple-A Syracuse.

The Nationals have been playing on fumes and wisely Dusty Baker penciled in his best “A” line-up last night for the game in Houston as that series could determine home-field advantage if the Nationals end up playing the Astros in the World Series. Mission accomplished, but there is a toll taken every time you lean on your regulars. Ryan Zimmerman and Daniel Murphy looked exhausted, and Anthony Rendon was playing on extra adrenaline while Matt Wieters had some extra pep in his step from his Wheaties and days off on consecutive days on Sunday and Monday.

The exhausted Nationals arrived at Dulles Airport at about 4:35 AM and by the looks of Bryce Harper‘s tweet (below), he was none-to-pleased with the schedulers at MLB. The Mets on the other hand got an afternoon game at 12:10pm in NYC and were snuggled into their beds in DC by 8:30pm after their relaxing dinner at Joe’s Stone Crabs. What is wrong with this picture? The Nats had to travel halfway across the country from a different time zone and the Mets had an hour flight from DC after their game ended at exactly 4:56pm.

Once again MLB found a way to screw the Nationals.

For those interested in a doubleheader of sorts, you can go to see Trea Turner and Jayson Werth play at 5pm at the Pfitz in Woodbridge, Virginia for an hour then trek north the 32.9 miles to Nats Park and be at your seat for 1st pitch there.

New York Mets vs. Washington Nationals
Stadium:   Nationals Park
1st Pitch:  7:05 pm EDT
Nats Radio: 106.7 FM The Fan; SiriusXM® (Internet 869)

Line-ups (subject to change without notice):

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