New for 2018 – Become a Nat for Life Plan Holder (plus ASG info)

“Nat for Life”, sign me up!
Leaked on the Nationals web site and discovered (hacked) by @GeneticalyPerfct is the new Nat for Life season plan holder program for automatic plan renewals every year until you or the beneficiaries of your estate determine that it is time to opt out. Sounds more interesting than it really is, the juicier material is the yet to be officially announced is the All Star Game information along with playoff and 2018 plan prices. (Note that the link is for partial plans, there are links for other plans but this one has the most updated info.)

2018 All Star Game Packages

Per MLB policy, if a full strip is assigned (Full and Half Season Members, and potentially some Partial Plans) All-Star Game tickets will only be sold in Full Strips.

Starting prices in Miami were $80 for the futures game, $250 for the HR derby, and $280 for the ASG. So about $610 for the strip to sit in the 400 level, and these prices are certain to be higher next year. Over $1,200 a pair in the nose bleeds probably means about $2K per pair in the lower level and club seats, a whole lot of cash for three days.

Here is what you get for all that money:
• All-Star Game
• Home Run Derby
• Sunday Futures Game and the All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game
• 4 tickets to the MLB All-Star Fanfest (not sure if this is four tickets per strip or four per set of strips)
• All-Star Program
• Replica All-Star Jersey*
• Replica All-Star Game Ring*
• All-Star Field Experience the day after the game*

All-Star Week is scheduled for July 13-17, 2018.

Via Augustine8 – Concessions prices in Miami

2018 Renewal Info
For the most part not much has changed with the 2018 plan holder benefits but there are three big items of note:

First, the Nats are bringing back the three year price lock! It was a great deal in 2012 and sounds like a great deal to lock up 2018 prices through 2020. Plan holders have the option to commit now for 2019 and lock in the 2018 prices and then to later determine whether to extend the option for 2020. Hard to see how prices can rise any higher, but that has been the trend so might as well lock them in for a few years.

Next, the Nationals have created new pricing sections for the first row in several areas, including the outfield, mezzanine, and gallery levels. Only three dollars more than the second row (which is also getting a small price increase), not too bad except that these seats are all taken by some of their most long term fans, the 2005 club. The team is giving some of their most dedicated fans the option to pay an extra $250 per seat or move to the back of the pricing section, behind those that joined in 2017. Not nice.

The bigger hit is behind the dugouts where there is an increase in the number of rows considered “Premier”, a price difference bumping them up from $78 to $115. Not a small amount of money over the course of the season and with the Dugout Box mostly sold out to season plan holders there is no option to just move a few rows back.

Finally, as noted above, is the new Nat for Life program (#Nat4Life).

We are excited to announce our most convenient and affordable payment plan yet! “Nat for Life” is a recurring payment plan that allows fans to renew annually without the hassle of an invoice or follow-up. It is a new and simple way to ensure the nationals season plan holders can enjoy their seats and cheer on the nationals without having to navigate the renewal process.

Basically the Nats will save money on the invoicing process and allow fans to spread out payments over the course of ten months. Really does not appear to be a huge benefit for the plan holders but it will probably lead to a higher rate of renewals by taking away the need actively submit your acceptance. The program is not required for plan holders, the other option requires payment in full upon renewal, although there is a note that postseason ticket prices will likely be higher for the “Nat for just this year” plan holders.

2017 Playoff Strip Info
Really nothing new for 2017 playoff tickets, prices aren’t cheap and the best deal is to buy the strips offered with your plan. One thing of note is that the MGM seats are listed as available for single game purchase. $600 to sit down by the field with food and beverage service.

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