Another Scherzer gem pushes his ERA to 1.94 with 2 Bryce bombs for the Win!

Max Scherzer threw 7 innings of shutout baseball in his hometown and tallied up 12 strikeouts and exited with a 5-0 lead. The Nationals behind 2 home runs and 4 RBIs from Bryce Harper sealed the deal with a 7-2 win. Every Nationals’ position player had at least one-hit tonight. Max Scherzer’s ERA at the end of the game was down to 1.94.

“Max went out there and did his thing,” Bryce Harper said. “Go out there as a family and a team and pull on the same rope every single day. If we keep doing that and handling business, we’ll be okay. The clubhouse has always been great. We always got along as a clubhouse as a team. This organization has always been all about family and what we can do to better our team as a group. Anyone who comes to our clubhouse we open our arms for them and do the things we can to pull on the same rope every single day.  Dusty does a great job for us in that manager slot. What a great team we have.”

The Nationals put an end to their 3-game losing streak to start the 2nd half of the season, and right before the game started the All-Star team was named, and the Nationals have 3 starting position players who were also voted by the players and the fans and they are: Bryce Harper, Daniel Murphy, and Ryan Zimmerman. Max Scherzer was a player’s pick for the All-Star team, and Stephen Strasburg was a commissioner’s office choice for the All-Star team. Anthony Rendon will be part of the Final Vote. If there was any question of whether or not Bryce Harper is going to compete in the Home Run Derby, he put that to rest quickly with a statement after the game:

“I’m not doing the [Home Run] Derby,” Bryce Harper said. “Not a chance.”

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