New venue hosts Pups In The Park pre-game event at DC’s largest dog park behind #Nats Park

The Washington Nationals have 6 of their Pups In The Park events this season, and today is the second of the six events. Head down to Nats Park early with your dog(s) today at 3 pm, and enjoy a great canine meet and greet and costume show at the brand new dog park along the Anacostia River behind the south “Home plate” gates of Nats Park across from the player’s parking lot. This was the area once known as Florida Rock and visit this JD Land link to see the transformation over 10 years. If you don’t have a dog, head over there and check it out and have a beer at the new Bardo beer garden. Fresh and cold beer right from the tap!
The brand new, half-acre, dog park has become a popular spot for residents and visitors to the area and you don’t need a four-legged friend to visit the area. This is all part of the revitalized waterfront area.

The dog park is part of a new beer garden recently opened on two acres next to the Anacostia river and Douglass Bridge by Bardo Brewing. The site also includes an outdoor brewery, riverside seating, shaded seating under the bridge and a sandbox for the kiddies.

The best judged outfits will receive a Nationals figurine depicting Jayson Werth and his great dane Magnus. The meet-up begins at 3 pm with costume judging at 4:30.

Bardo first entered the scene in the early 90’s by opening three of the first four bars in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington.

The brewery operated for most of the 90’s until it was put in storage in the early 2000’s. It was reassembled in NE DC on Bladensburg Road in  the Trinidad neighborhood in 2013.

Work on the riverfront site behind Nats Park  started in 2015 with an opening in spring of 2017.

For a more comprehensive history of Bardo see: The Ballad Of The Bardo Pub Crawl 

On Twitter you can follow Bardo on this link: @bardobeer

Here is a great PSA from Max Scherzer‘s wife Erica May-Scherzer:

“We have made some great connections with the Nats who are very eager to help us promote ourselves and the team,” Andrew Steward a co-owner of Bardo Brewing told us.“We have always been dog friendly, and since we have the largest dog park in the city, right next to Nats stadium, we thought it was a natural fit. The Nats have been very supportive and were more than happy to donate schwag as prizes for our costume contest. Coming soon: Lincoln In The Bardo.”

Stay tuned for more to come, and if you attend this great event please post some comments and attach some photos!

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