A Night at the Park:  ZiMS Foundation

A Night at the Park:  the rain held off until after we got inside, and then waited until after we got back to the garage.



Yes, the lighting in that part of the club made the cake look kind of pink.  That’s not some effect from my phone.

But in the meantime, a few hundred attendees and some Nats players and spouses were enjoying delicious food and drink in the Norfolk Southern Club.  Yeah, I would have left the score up, too!

Among the players I chatted with were Max Scherzer, Gio Gonzalez, Tanner Roark, Trea Turner, Michael Taylor, Daniel Murphy, Joe Ross, Anthony Rendon and the host, Ryan Zimmerman.

Most of the conversations were along the lines of “Congratulations, good luck with the rest of the year,” nothing of significance. A number of other players were there, too, but I can’t swear that I know all the bullpen guys by sight.  Lots of folks took selfies with the players, but that’s just not my thing.  Leave that for the kids (and there were a dozen or so there under 10).  Gio and I ended up talking about Nats gear for kids (his kid has a whole closet of nothing but Nats stuff). And of course, he had some cute photos in his phone.

I asked Max about a strikeout fundraiser this year.  He said that Erica wasn’t doing as much for Polaris as she had been, because they were so focused on Humane Rescue Alliance.  I suggested “K’s for Canines,” and Max’s eyes lit up (both of them).  “That has a ring to it.”  So, if he does it, it was my idea!

Last year, this fundraiser was right before Gio had cut his hair to donate to Locks of Love. Someone had a photo of him from last year to compare.  He said he likes it short (as it is now)—says he pitches better without the hair swinging.

There’s a silent and a live auction.  The big winners of the live auction were the Big Apple Roadtrip:  $10,000 each for two trips (on the town in NY, plus batting practice viewing on the field).  As far as the silent auction?  I think the big winner was, well, ME! Apparently I was the only baseball collector there, as I got two for the minimum bid. That was an opportunity not likely to come again!

And it all was worthwhile and in a good cause.

Oh, and I overheard that the Murphy’s are expecting in early November. Unconfirmed rumor, but good timing if it’s correct!

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