Phones can play #Nats walk-up music and podcasts

Baseball is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. There is no one more superstitious than baseball players. From their bizarre routines to the lucky items that players swear by the game is a mental battle for many. Players often times bring this superstitious mentality to their music selections. At home games Mariano Rivera would walk to the mound to “Enter Sandman.” This raucous record became a staple at Yankees’ games for Rivera’s illustrious career.

There are many highly entertaining walkup songs from some of your favorite Nats. Jayson Werth continues to impress with his eclectic selections. Werth is clearly a TV junkie. Over the past couple seasons he has heroically strolled up to the plate to “The Walking Dead” theme song and multiple songs from “Game of Thrones,” including the epic theme song. One of my all time favorite walkup songs ever was Bryce Harper’s in 2014. After being named the “most overrated” player in baseball by his peers, Harper took a jab at the long list of doubters with his walkup music. For numerous games he selected J. Cole’s brash record “G.O.M.D.” (Get Off My D*ck). This was a fair message to his contemporaries on his way to an MVP season. Several other players take the more common approach of simply choosing popular contemporary songs. Fan favorite Tony “Two Bags” Rendon has quite an interesting and unique walkup song in which he pays homage to his upbringing. The 26-year-old stays true to his Texas roots by selecting Fat Pat’s hit single “Top Drops.”


Rendon is a Texan through and through. He was born in Texas, attended Lamar High School, and Rice University. Both schools are in Houston, which is where the connection to the infamous rapper comes from. The late great Fat Pat was shot and killed in 1998, the same year that his wildly popular single “Top Drops” was released. At the time of his death he was one of the most popular rappers in Houston. The iconic rapper was one of the original members of the Screwed Up Click. If you have ever heard any rap music from the Houston area it was most likely influenced by them. They were the originators of the “chopped and screwed” sound that DJ Screw popularized and ultimately introduced to the entire country. The sound is still popular and influential to this day. It’s a travesty that the 27-year-old rapper was unable to see his lasting legacy. A legacy that Rendon helps to keep alive.

Rendon is pretty hip for choosing the chorus of the catchy single to walk up to. I would venture to say that many rap veterans have yet to hear the popular record. Pat’s “Tops Drop” is highly entertaining and you can’t help but groove along to the synth-laden production. Even if you aren’t a fan of rap music you can certainly appreciate the upbeat number and respect Rendon for honoring the memory of Fat Pat and Houston. It’s a subtle yet cool way to pay homage to his native Houston. Next time you are at the park watch Rendon walk with a certain swagger while listening to his hometown hero.

The Nats betting lines are live for today’s game in Philadelphia with Scherzer pitching against the Phillies. Go to live betting lines at , they do baseball. They have today’s pre-game odds before the line-ups are even posted.

Did you listen to the great Talk Nats Podcast? Their third edition is up and you can hear all about Wil Nieves catching for Mariano Rivero and Mike Mussina, playing in his long career with Tony Gwynn then a decade later with Gwynn’s son Tony Jr. and other great stories. Wil Nieves is now teaching kids through camps and is living in Florida. Mike O’Connor is also on the Podcast and speaks of how the money in baseball is the reward for being a closer as we saw record deals for Jansen and Chapman. Both former Nats players seem to be supportive of the pick of Blake Treinen.

In addition to Nieves and O’Connor on the podcast, you get to hear from super fans LouAnn Solis and Alicia Solis. If their names sound familiar, it is because their younger brother Sammy Solis is a key in this reworked Nationals bullpen. I can listen to this over and over again as Alicia Solis says, “They’re going all the way”.

There really is a lot of optimism even though Shawn Kelley struggled last night giving up a two-run home run to Realmuto, and Treinen and Blanton each gave up a run. Last night the balls bounced the way of the Marlins.

Today, the Nationals get their chance to get back to their winning ways against the Philadelphia Phillies. One day at a time and put in your ear phones and enjoy some walkup music and podcasts while you’re in the car or at the gym.

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