An afternoon with Dan Kolko, John Harvey, and more!

Photo from Chads page on Facebook

Have you ever wondered what goes into producing a television show like Nats Xtra on MASN? John Harvey is the producer behind the scenes back in the MASN truck making Dan Kolko look good in the pre-game show, and now John Harvey is front and center as the talking-head sidekick on the Dan Kolko podcast “Between Innings”. They talked today in Episode #1 almost exclusively about Nats baseball, but they also had some crazy stories from a fishing trip in Florida.

Most of the podcast is focused on baseball and all of the baseball talk was focused on the Washington Nationals. There was one funny outtake that was evident to me that was edited out using a word that sounds like ‘self-deprecating’ and if there were other outtakes, it got past me. Kolko and Harvey were well-prepared, and the final cut you can hear on this link on SoundCloud. Episode #1 includes a Trea Turner interview within the podcast that Kolko recorded last week in Spring Training.

In this short video (below) of the beginning of the show, you will see John Harvey in the red Nats shirt and Michael Kornheiser (blue shirt and golf cap) and the other young man is their editor, and of course Dan Kolko is in the black shirt. There were a few fans that peaked in during their taping, but everybody seemed timid. Andrew Ross (Draz) joined me for a wonderful lunch as we watched in the Chads restaurant which is the permanent home to the podcast. Eventually the taping area for the podcast will be moved to a large dedicated glass enclosed studio that can be seen from Wisconsin Avenue.

After the taping, I asked Dan Kolko how he will get the players on tape during the season. Dan felt that his relationship with most of the players were good enough that he can go directly to them and not have to “book” them through the Nationals communications department (Amanda Comak and Kyle Brostowitz). Kolko’s show is good on its own, but when you get exclusive audio that nobody else has then you have something unique as there are literally dozens of Nats themed podcasts including the Nationals official podcast “Curly W Live” linked here, MASN has their own podcast, and of course the Talk Nats podcast linked here has also put together unique interviews.

Chads of Friendship Heights is also home to the Tony Kornheiser podcast, and they’re a daily podcast. It seems podcasts are doing to radio what blogs are doing to newspapers, and chord-cutters are doing to cable TV.

The choices are many, and like a buffet at Golden Corral, you pick and choose what you want. Listen to Kolko, listen to TalkNats Podcast, and try some others from the podcast buffet.

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