Washington Nationals: Seen & Heard at Spring Training; Adam Eaton channels Mighty Mouse

A very exciting first weekend at The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches. The best quotes seemed to come from the starting trio of outfielders.

What was learned about Adam Eaton is that he is a fan of Mighty Mouse which was a cartoon first appearing in “Mouse of Tomorrow” in 1942 when Adam’s grandparents were kids. Eaton was sporting his favorite Mighty Mouse t-shirt that his wife bought for him at the discount Nordstrom’s Rack.

Mighty Mouse, known for his super strength, could belt out his tune  “Here I come to save the day!” and Eaton has the flair for the dramatic to save the day as he has two walk-off home runs and eleven of this thirty-four career home runs were either lead-off or walk-off home runs which calculates to 32.36% of his home runs either started or ended a game.

In the photo above appearing on Eaton’s Instagram is the Washington Nationals projected outfield of Jayson Werth, Adam Eaton, and Bryce Harper. Adam Eaton is 5′ 8″ and 7 inches shorter than Harper, and 9 inches shorter than Jayson Werth proving that baseball players come in all shapes and sizes. This bearded trio will be fun to watch in 2017.

Here is Adam Eaton in the batting cage (below) with Werth and Harper in the foreground with that “Walking Dead” baseball bat given to Harper that has a barrel wrapped in barbed wire next to him on the grass.

Eaton jacked a few BP home runs in front of one of the larger crowds watching the outfielders take their hacks.

“You definitely play with a chip on your shoulder to say that, you know, smaller guys can play this game and play at a high level,” Adam Eaton said. “For me, I always tell fans that half the fans are taller than me and to tell their little ones that, hey, anything’s possible. Doesn’t matter the size or the strength or anything. If you have determination and a dream, go out and reach it, because I think that I am definitely living proof that you don’t have to be 6-3 to play in this league. Just go out and have the drive and reach your goal.”

Words well spoken which certainly goes back to other quotes that Adam Eaton has made about his stature.

Bryce Harper also had a lot to say, but it was probably what he did not say that caused more buzz. Harper would not engage the media in controversial questions about his injury last year, the Nationals’ off-season moves, and even Noah Syndergaard‘s comment on Harper’s Instagram calling him a douche which you can read the response here.

This Bryce Harper quote spoke to his groomsman, teammate, and friend Jayson Werth:

“I’m ready to go. I’m excited to be part of a great team. I’m excited to hopefully send [Jayson Werth] off with a ring.’’

Jayson Werth said few words and was asked about if he has had any talks with Mike Rizzo about extending his $126 million, seven-year contract that expires after this season saying:

“Not yet. But we’ll see. There’s always a possibility.”

Yes, we’ll see, and we saw many other great things this weekend which included the pitchers, the middle infielders, and the first basemen.

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This was the 1st basemen grouping where Ryan Zimmerman, Adam Lind, and Clint Robinson were working with Nick Johnson on the finer parts of 1st base defense.

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Trea Turner was taking grounders at shortstop with Wilmer Difo, Emmanuel Burriss and Grant Green.

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