Bryce Harper is getting more active on social media

With a real lull in true baseball news, anything Bryce Harper related does seem to be newsworthy with some Nats fans.

Bryce and Kayla Harper went from a point of little to no social media contact to now posting sometimes several times a day on social media. Bryce Harper has been using the Instagram video function which only stays active for a short timeframe unless you embed it into a post which Bryce did on Saturday showing off his domestic skills vacuuming with his new Dyson.

Weddings are pretty special occasions. You get to party it up with all your favorites (and those random cousins you just had to invite), make a fool out of yourself in a photobooth filled with stupid(ly awesome) props, and you get a bunch of presents. Oh, and all that love stuff. I’d imagine all of that gets exponentially more epic when you’re Bryce Harper and you have a long list of really cool friends.

With the deeper pockets of many of the people on the Harper’s guest list, the possibilities were endless at how creative, personalized, or unusual the gifts given could have been. Just a few short weeks after the wedding, Bryce has already declared which gift is his favorite – a Dyson vacuum.

Wait. What?!

Yes, that’s right. His favorite gift is a vacuum. Bestowed on the newlyweds by his mom and dad, it is so beloved that he’s elevated it to the position of his new bestie.

Wait. What?! Bryce. I have SO MANY QUESTIONS.
-what’s with the crazy electric 80s looking font in the video? I always pictured you as more of a fan of the 90s.
-a vacuum is your new BFF?! I can’t imagine it can give an amazing post game interview like Jayson Werth can. And I don’t see it getting as pumped for a Buckeye football game as your brother did… but ok, I guess.
-you vacuum?!

Maybe vacuuming is Bryce’s thing. Baseball and vacuuming. Hey, I don’t judge. I’ve got a friend who vacuums about 3 times a week, and she moves her couch so she can vacuum under it. I’m more the type that puts a couch somewhere and then never moves it. Ever. But that’s just me. The new Mrs. Harper noted in the comments of the instagram post that vacuuming with the new Dyson is literally all Bryce does. Like I said, I don’t judge. You do you, Bryce. You do you.

If it’s possible, I love Bryce more today than I did yesterday.

Now hopefully Mike Rizzo does something baseball related so we can get a new article after this about real baseball.

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