Bryce Harper releases his wedding video and some random trivia

Bryce and Kayla Harper posted up a one-minute wedding video set to the themed nuptial music of Tim Halperin. The video shot and edited by David Perry is touching, and beautiful, and very spontaneous. If you don’t know singer/songwriter Tim Halperin, he wrote the music that is now the theme song for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and Halperin wrote that song before he was ever an American Idol contestant. Since then Halperin penciled up his own wedding music for when he got married, and it was the perfect choice for the Harper’s.

The newlyweds seem to be enjoying themselves since their Cabo honeymoon where they shared some parasailing video, and then they traveled to watch Kayla’s Ohio State football team in the BCS football playoff before New Year’s in the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona. On their five hour drive from Las Vegas to Arizona, Bryce made the trek in his new Jaguar F-Type coupe with his brother Bryan and Kayla.

During their car ride to the Ohio State game, Bryce shot a short video in the car with his brother, Bryan Harper, that went viral when Noah Syndergaard posted a nasty comment that has now become a Mets one word response that you will see a lot in the future. That one word was once infamously claimed by Barry Manilow in the 1970’s that he could not do a Massengill jingle because nothing rhymes with the product name, and that was years before the word “Swoosh” came into our lexicon. Manilow started his career writing television commercial jingles for McDonald’s, Pepsi, KFC, and others.

Speaking of McDonald’s, Bryce this week posted up a funny photo of a McDonald’s sign for some comedic relief with the comment “@mcdonalds in Vegas has more choiSes than anywhere else…maybe they dropped out of high school like I did! #GED”

Since New Year’s, the Harper’s attended the wedding  last week of  Kris Bryant who is a Las Vegas native and childhood travel ball teammate of Bryce’s. Love is in the air!

In between Bryce has shared some workout photos and videos including this awkward hack squat with 505 on the bar in which Bryce admitted to his questionable form “back is rounded a bit”.

Bryce has also continued to do promotional work for Under Armour and appeared last week at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) to unveil Under Armour’s foray into sleep technology, and their new pajama line with the tagline: Rest-Win-Repeat #UArecovery Athlete Recovery Sleepwear. Here is the press release. Former baseball player and football icon Tom Brady is the face of the new sleepwear products. For those who did not know, Brady could have been Harper’s teammate with the Nats as the former High School left-handed hitting catcher was drafted by the same franchise as Harper was. Tom Brady was an 18th-round-pick of the Montreal Expos exactly 10 years before the Nationals drafted Ryan Zimmerman.

Speaking of creative clothing, check out the lining of Bryce Harper‘s wedding tuxedo custom made by STITCHED and dedicated to their wedding date of December 16, 2016.

Follow along on Bryce’s social media as he just posted up this photo from the MGM Casino in Las Vegas within the last few minutes as Bryce was appearing for the MLB Player’s Trust Charity and paired with World Poker champion Antonio Esfandiari.

What’s up next for Bryce? We don’t know, but we hope we get introduced to a new teammate or two shortly!


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