Chris Heisey is back but he was on the 40-man roster 3 days ago!

Chris Heisey was set to be the star of the Nationals post-season when he hit a come-from-behind two-run home run in Game 5 of the Nationals’ NLDS against the Dodgers. We know the rest, and the good news is the Nationals got Heisey back.

Strangely, when we checked the 40-man roster as we do daily, Heisey was added back to the 40-man roster three days ago. We tweeted the Nationals to see if it was in error and did not get a response (shocker—we never do).

Heisey gives the Nats the one bench right-handed bat that you want as an anchor as the Nats have several lefties under team control for the bench.

Our running tally of the cashflow payroll for 2017 is $147.1 million. The Nationals 40-man roster is now at 32 players.

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