Game 7 Winner Take All: There could be a Robert Redford ending as lightning is expected!

Hello baseball fans! We have a Game #7 winner take all tonight!

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You cannot script this any better with the two long-time franchises mired in the longest two World Series championship droughts, and weather permitting, one team will be crowned victorious tonight in a winner take all Game #7 showdown of the 2016 World Series!

With the threat of thunder and lightning could we see a Robert Redford walk-off with lightning in the background? What can we expect to happen out of the ordinary?

Your starting pitchers are Corey Kluber for the Indians pitching on 3 days rest and Kyle Hendricks on regular rest. The Cubs bullpen could consist of starter Jon Lester. Nothing could go wrong there?

We all know the curses of billygoats and Bartman and black cats running across fields, and tonight if there are any muffs of Bill Buckner proportion, those become the news forever more. Last night it was Naquin and Chisenhall, and a few games ago it was Kris Bryant with errors, and the stakes have never been higher.

What does all this mean to the casual baseball fan without a rooting interest? You will see history tonight that could rival some of the greatest Game 7 finishes since Bill Mazeroski in 1960 in his walk-off for the Pirates over the Yankees or Luis Gonzalez against Mariano Rivera for the walk-off in  2001 with the Diamondbacks over the Yankess or the 1997 walk-off in Miami when the Marlins beat the Indians.  Even the Washington Senators won their World Series in 1924 in a 12 inning thriller 4-3 over the New York Giants.

This will be Joe Maddon versus Terry Francona in a chess match that has a carryover effect as Maddon pitched Aroldis Chapman for 20 pitches spanning 3 partial innings yesterday.

If Chapman falters, the blames goes on Maddon, and if Chapman is a difference maker, Maddon is a genius. That is what happens if something goes wrong. Some Cubs fans are not forgiving people if you believe what happened to Steve Bartman. There is always this cloud of what will go wrong!

Things are so raucous that “Marlins Man” will not attend tonight fearing his safety as he was rooting for the Cubs.

Expect the unexpected!

ESPN Graphics

ESPN Graphics

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