Congratulations to the Nationals on 95 wins and Max Scherzer on 20 wins: Postgame

Spencer Kieboom finishes the season with a 1.000 OBP and OPS, and he is among the many Nats like Wilson Ramos, Daniel Murphy, Trea Turner, Wilmer Difo, Brian Goodwin, Pedro Severino, Tanner Roark, Max Scherzer and Mark Melancon who finished with some fine looking stats. There of course is others who we could add to that list, and we will as we do compilations of the final regular season statistics. The most important stats of course is 95 team wins, and a 1st Place finish in the NL East.

The post-season statistics will be the numbers we will care most about as there will be a new ledger, and a new set of standards.

As we speculated in the pre-game based on Daniel Murphy’s batting practice, he did come in for a pinch-hitting appearance and was close on one pitch of place a liner into the corner. Oh so close, but yet oh so far as LeMahieu stayed on the bench for the Rockies and won the batting crown by less than .001.

The difference in this 10-7 win was Max Scherzer’s 4 RBI game as that was the difference to give Max his 20th win.

In Dusty Baker’s post-game presser we learned that Ryan Zimmerman is nursing a hurt calf muscle which was not disclosed before.

“Trea gave us another element,” Dusty Baker said in the post-game.

Final 2016 regular season boxscore 10 2 16

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