The Nationals do another Little League baseball clinic

An Awesome Morning at Nats Park with MCLL

By Alex Ross, Age 8, Gaithersburg, MD

This morning I went to Nats Park for a baseball clinic with a bunch of kids from Montgomery County Little League in Maryland. I got to go on the field to play some baseball and learn from the Nats coaches. It was awesome.

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When we first got to Nats Park, we went to sit in the stands away from our parents and listen to all the announcements. We had to say all of the coaches’ names. They also said to have fun, and we had a lot of fun.

My first station was with 3rd base coach Bob Sendley Henley and the station was baserunning. It was really cool when Coach Sendley was waving us home. We were stealing second and the ball was hit to the outfield so we went to third and Coach Sendley sent us home. He picked one kid to pretend to hit a walk off home run just like Trea Turner and he told us to jump all around her after she passed home plate to celebrate.

Our next station was agility and it was with a trainer. It was really cool when we were robbing some doubles and we made really good catches at the left field wall.

After that we went to center field to catch some pop-ups with Coach Martinez. He threw us pop-ups and grounders and taught us to catch with two hands.

Next we went to right field for some grounders with Coach Firova. Coach Firova told us to pretend the ball was an egg and to bring the ball up softly and don’t go so hard at the ball. After you bring the ball up take a little crow hop and throw to the base. I think you should do that unless Trea Burner Turner is running then you have to hurry up!!

Our last station was the bullpen with Mike Maddux and the bullpen catchers. While we were there we worked on our pitching. Coach Maddux called me THE LEFTY. Maddux told us to point to where we should throw. I thought that this station was really important because I am a pitcher in my Little League.

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After the clinic was over, we got in line to meet Lucas Giolito. When I met him he signed my glove and we took a picture. I told Lucas that he throws a ridiculous curve ball then Giolito said to me “thanks bud”.

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I had a great time at the clinic. I want to say thank you to all the Nats coaches and Montgomery County Little League for inviting me.

Go Nats! WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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