Game #142 Max Scherzer and the Nats take it to 20! Game Thread

Once this game is complete it, the Nationals will have just 20 games remaining in the regular season.
Max Scherzer continues his personal quest to once again etch his name onto the 20 game winner charts which he accomplished in his Cy Young season of 2013 when he went 21-3. Scherzer is currently 16-7 and should only get 3 starts after tonight in the regular season; however, the Nationals could have Scherzer make the last start of the season for 4 more starts. We will see as Scherzer will reach 200 innings tonight once he finishes the 3rd inning, and Scherzer has been leading the Majors in innings pitched most of the season.

The team is coming off of another exciting walk-off win, and
Dusty Baker is resting three of his regulars—Jayson Werth, Wilson Ramos, and Ryan Zimmerman.

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