25 games remaining and Nats start 5 bench players!

The Nationals started 5 bench players along with Trea Turner, Anthony Rendon and Danny Espinosa. Max Scherzer pitched 7 innings today giving up 2 runs. Mark Melancon labored with a four run lead in the 9th inning. It wasn’t a save situation when Melancon came in, but then Melancon had to save himself from the four hits and two runs he gave up.

The Nats started the game with a Trea Turner double as he was the offensive star of the game….again. Turner had a 3-4 game with a two-run home run and an RBI single. Turner would finish a triple shy of hitting for the cycle. Chris Heisey hit a three-run home run for the game winning RBIs.

Win number 80 for the Nats and number 16 for Max Scherzer and the Magic Number is now 17.

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