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Scherzer and his Innings

This chart was modified to include the forgotten man, Clayton Kershaw, who is supposed to be back with the Dodgers in two weeks. The scary part (for the competition) is his arm will be rested and ready when he returns. On the other hand (literally), right-handed pitcher Max Scherzer leads the Majors in most innings pitched with 190 innings. At what point do you get Scherzer some rest?

ERA 8 30 16

Trea’s Money Makers

Trea Turner has played in nineteen straight games, and only Anthony Rendon has played in as many games although August 21st Rendon didn’t start the game and entered in the 8th inning.

Turner debuted his new 2017 Under Armour cleats that are part of the Yard Mid cleat category. The cleats pictured on the bottom will be available in stores on October 1st.

trea turner cleats
Trea Turner Under Armour

Trea Turner’s feet need great cleats. His feet and legs are a big part of his success. Does Trea get regular pedicures or blow dry his feet like Rajai Davis who calls his feet his “money makers”.

Zimmerman and his new Castle

The Zimmerman’s home has been featured in magazines and also in this video:

Now Ryan Zimmerman and his wife Heather and their oldest daughter Mackenzie were featured in a show taped back in May and June of this year and debuted last night on the TLC Network’s show “Playhouse Masters” which have some children’s castles nicer than many homes you pass by in your travels.

The cost to build this castle according to People Magazine was $50,000. From People Magazine,

“In an exclusive clip of tonight’s episode, Zimmerman and his family get their first look at the massive and luxurious (it cost $50,000) custom castle. Complete with a swirling slide, a tiny ballet studio and a cozy reading area, the two-story space would be a dream come true for any kid who, as Zimmerman puts it earlier in the episode, “likes that princess castle kinda thing.””

ryan zimmerman mackenzie

Papelbon and the Waiver Deadline

Today is the last day to add a player to your organization to be eligible for the post-season. Jonathan Papelbon most likely will not be signed by a team today much to the surprise of Papelbon who was rumored to be close to returning to either the Red Sox or Cubs.

Mike Rizzo would have to pull off a complete shocker today if he adds another player to the Nationals roster. Yes, Rizzo traded last week for lefty Marc Rzepczynski, but many thought he would grab one more bat. Stay tuned.

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