The road trip is over. That’s the good news: Postgame

There are 37 games remaining in the season, and the Nationals head home. Many Nats look tired. Reynaldo Lopez was not particularly sharp tonight as he gave up four earned runs in a game that ended in an 8-1 loss.

The Nationals had plays they did not make on defense as Daniel Murphy had an error allowing 2 runs to score, and Danny Espinosa once again had range issues to his glove side and sailed a throw on a tough groundball.

The Orioles had seven hits in 2 strike counts as Lopez just count command his pitches tonight and put the batters away.

The Nationals had a chance in the 7th inning after four straight hits, but Clint Robinson tried to go 1st to 3rd on Espinosa’s single and was the first out in the inning.

Trea Turner had a 4-4 night with 1 double and 3 singles and Bryce Harper had a 2-4 night. The Nats had their chances to add-on more runs but failed once again to execute.

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