Nats win Nats win!: Postgame

It was the Stephen Strasburg and Trea Turner show today. Strasburg with a 7 inning shutout on his way to a 4-1 win padded by three Trea Turner RBI’s.

The Nationals bullpen was a little shaky as once again Dusty Baker does not have the feel for his relievers and Felipe Rivero gave up a 1 out walk followed by 2 singles to put the tying run in the batter’s box, and BABIP worked for the Nats as Blake Treinen relieved Rivero and got the doubleplay ball to end the game.

The inconsistencies in how relievers are treated is what speaks to how Solis was pulled with 2 outs after he gave up a single, but Rivero was allowed to stay in with only 1 out after a walk. This game easily could have become a disaster as Rivero then gave up 2 straight singles as a run scored and he left the game leaving two inherited runners on base with a score of 4-1, but Treinen made his pitch to get the game ending doubleplay for his first career save.

The Nats offense worked the Indians’ starter Carlos Carrasco hard and ran his pitch count up as Ben Revere kept the 2nd inning going after a twelve pitch walk to load the bases in a 0-0 game with 2 outs as Trea Turner came through with a clutch 2 RBI hit to open the scoring at 2-0.

Daniel Murphy added a home run to go with a double as Turner and Murphy had five of the Nationals six hits today. Stephen Strasburg improved to 14-1 on his W/L record for the season.

The Nationals defense was not challenged much today, and the only negative was a throwing error by Anthony Rendon. The offensive challenges continue for Bryce Harper, Danny Espinosa and Ryan Zimmerman as they continue to leave men on base. Zimmerman was credited with a single on the glove of Kipnis to salvage his game, but this trio of batters left a combined 8 men on base, and none were successful in RISP spots. In fact the Nationals were 2-12 today in RISP spots and both of those hits were from Trea Turner.

Here is a recap video.

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