The Nationals lose and with it goes Strasburg’s win streak: Postgame

Stephen Strasburg gave up 6 earned runs in a tough outing where he was victimized by 2 home runs from Justin Turner. Strasburg’s W/L record moves to 13-1, and he must start a new winning streak now.

The Nats were flat most of the day on offense when runners were in scoring position as the Nats were 1-13 today, and had multiple chances that included a bases loaded 2-out situation with Anthony Rendon at-bat. It was not a good day by many batters today in clutch spots.

Jayson Werth added another pinch hit to his record with a 9th inning double and Werth has been on base 25 consecutive games now.

Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts went through 4 relievers through the 6th inning and 7 relievers when their closer Jansen entered the game. Of the Nationals were able to extend the game, the Dodgers were in trouble.

Roberts also emptied his bench of all players except his backup catcher as Corey Seager was unavailable.

Roberts even used starting pitcher Kenta Maeda to pinch-hit in the top of the 9th.

Dave Roberts was playing this game like it was Game 7 of the World Series with all the early moves to keep matchups.

It worked out for Roberts and even Dusty Baker spoke to Roberts’ strategy that the Dodgers only had 1 relief pitcher remaining since they had an 8 man bullpen. Probably not a good decision by Roberts but it worked out.

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