Gio was the stopper, HRs in support & a steal of home by TVT: Postgame

The Nationals finally beat the Dodgers this season, and made it look easy with an 8-1 win behind a nice pitching performance by Gio Gonzalez and the bullpen. Koda Glover had a 1-2-3 inning in the 9th to finish the game.

The Nationals had home runs from Bryce Harper (451 feet), Ben Revere to RF, Jayson Werth to LF, and Anthony Rendon to LF.  Trea Turner had a triple and stole home on a double-steal with Danny Espinosa.

The Dodgers were held to 4 hits, and Gio controlled their line-up well. The Nats showed all their tools tonight with pitching, the power game, defense, and baserunning.

“Trea Turner brought that fire tonight,” Bryce Harper said. “It really reminded me of 2012. Running the bases. Doing everything possible to get some  fire on this team. He did unbelievable…We have a great core of guys.”

“I was impressed with Trea’s baserunning and speed,” Dusty Baker said. “I’m used to speed. I love speed. Speed kills. It does a lot of things. It creates a lot of mistakes [for the other team]. I had fast cars and a lot of tickets. I love speed.”

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