Trade winds are blowing as deadline approaches! #Nats

On Sunday morning in our comments section, we reported on some good ‘intel’ from one of our sources who told us that the Nationals were in talks that were advancing with the Yankees, but any trade appears to be hinged to ownership’s willingness to start trading says another source making this an exercise of due diligence. The jewel of the trade the Nationals want is one of the Yankees back-end of the bullpen pieces. The Yankees in return want a key starting pitcher from the Nationals to anchor the deal.

To give this a little more credence, we were told the Yankees have had a scout looking at players in the Nationals minor league system and were able to watch Austin Voth and A. J. Cole pitch as well as Pablo Espino. It is quite possible the Yankees scout was also there to watch other prospects.

The list of names being discussed from the Nats’ side is a moving target, and could come together in the next few days or might never happen if the Yankees do not move into ‘sell’ mode.

The Nationals have also been loosely tied to the Reds, Athletics and Rays for potential trades.

Other teams could certainly enter the mix such as the Rockies, Padres, and Brewers.

The non-waiver trade deadline this year is on August 1st, and in any trade it is a give and take. The Nationals must give up value to get value.

Keep in mind that after the trade deadline passes on August 1st, teams have the ability to make additional trades and acquisitions on waiver claims until August 31st, and under MLB rules a player acquired by August 31st is eligible for the post-season roster.

Mike Rizzo has used waiver claims before to acquire talent like he did with Matt Thornton.

UPDATED: Jon Paul Morosi is reporting on Monday morning on MLB Network that the Yankees are scouting the Nats. He believes the target is Aroldis Chapman.


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