The Nats lose on a combination of poor defense and poor baserunning and some questionable situational hitting: Postgame

The Nationals lose this game 5-2 to the Brewers, and Gio Gonzalez pitched better than his final line. Yes, he made some bad pitches but only should have finished with 2 runs on his ledger instead of three. Bryce Harper misplayed 2 balls hit to him and neither of course were ruled errors, and Ryan Zimmerman didn’t extend his glove and get under a low throw from Danny Espinosa that was ruled an error on Zimmerman. That error led to an unearned run.

The Nationals had bases loaded in the 7th inning, and Bryce Harper struck out looking. In the 8th inning, Daniel Murphy did not hustle out of the box as a ball he hit went off the outfield wall. Murphy was thrown out stretching the double into a triple for the 1st out in the inning.

In the 9th inning, Anthony Rendon and Danny Espinosa singled back-to-back and with no outs Clint Robinson was 1st pitch swinging and hit into a doubleplay.

That is how the night went. Ben Revere singled and was caught stealing early in the game. Other players just had poor at-bats, and this was against many pitchers that were not locating pitches.

An unfortunate loss.

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