Part VI: Around the #Nats Minor Leagues: Firsthand look at Drew Ward, Potomac Nationals

Drew Ward  (Top Prospect #14) was recently named as a Carolina League All-Star. Ward is a 3rd baseman who has really stepped up his game from last year. Ward has a thick athletic frame 6’3″ and 215 pounds and can generate a lot of power as a lefty batter. Ward is sporting a .529 slugging percentage and a .920 OPS.  He has had a resurgent year and really coming into his own.

Mark Scialabba is the Washington Nationals Director of Player Development, and he thinks Drew Ward has really stepped up his game.

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Drew Ward was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2013 draft out of High School. Ward is the 3rd player ever drafted from Leedy High School in Leedy Oklahoma along with Rusty Puffinharger and Monty Fariss.



When we met with Drew Ward, he told us he had been working on his defense with coordinator Jeff Garber. “One of the things I want to focus on most is my defense. Footwork, first step and pre-pitch,” said Drew Ward.

“Hitting is going well. Things feel good. Picking good pitches to hit and getting into good hitter’s counts. Trying to elevate, and see the [pitches] and getting a good swing on them.”

Drew Ward’s goals for this season were pretty simple, “keep improving and working on daily goals.”

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