Trend lines are a tricky thing. Zim and Rendon are up. Others, not so fast.

People can debate Danny Espinosa all they want and who should start shortstop for this team, and who is hot and who is not. While Danny’s numbers in May are much better than they were in April (.185/.316/.246/.563), he was trending back down just before last week and then got red hot with this recent power surge. ¬†Danny was 2-18 before the St. Louis Cardinals arrived in town. Danny is in a 7 game power streak where he is ¬†5-24 overall and 4 of the hits are home runs. That is a .208 batting average. Well, that’s not a great batting average but that 14 day moving OPS is trending up and his UZR and Range ratings have also shot straight up. Espinosa went from April where his range rating was negative to a cumulative +3.0 and a +4.2 UZR making him the 4th highest rated defensive shortstop.

Murphy is so hot that when he had a 1-4 night last night with a triple that it hurt his 14 day trendline, and clearly he is the hottest guy on the planet other than Mookie Betts.

Bryce Harper is down including his .268 OBP, and what effect did that have on Jayson Werth who hasn’t drawn a walk in 2 weeks.

Ryan Zimmerman is in a hot streak. He is now batting .250 and with his power surge his OPS is respectable .763 overall. Zimmerman is now the 12th rated 1st baseman in OPS where 3 weeks ago he was 2nd to last and only in front of Ryan Howard.

Anthony Rendon has also turned his season around. He’s the 3rd hottest hitter on the team and becoming Tony XBH Bags.


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