This is why they play the games. Nats get blown out 7-1: Postgame

The good news is a 7-1 loss doesn’t count any differently as a loss in the standings and the Nats remain in 1st place by a 1/2 game over the Mets.

Many fans were feeling good about the Nats chances in this rematch of Gio Gonzalez and Bartolo Colon and this time it was the opposite result. It happens and unfortunately for Gio Gonzalez he was charged with all 7 runs.

There were a few Nats highlights including a RISP hit in the 1st inning by Ryan Zimmerman.  There were 3 Nats who collected 2 hits each: Daniel Murphy, Jayson Werth and Ryan Zimmerman. Unfortunately they were the only Nats who accumulated hits during the game. The Nats bullpen combined for 4 innings of shutout relief work.

Tomorrow will be Stephen Strasburg and Matt Harvey as the pitchers. The great thing about baseball is tomorrow is a new day.

The Cespedes HR was not below the knees. It was middle of the zone above the knees.

cespedes hr off gio

For anyone thinking that Gio Gonzalez was getting bashed because Lobaton wasn’t catching him should look at the chart:
gio gonzalez chart 5 23 16

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