The future of shortstop for the #Nats

There’s been some discussion recently of the earliest date that Trea Turner could be called up and not reach a full year of service time (172 days) by the end of this season.  The various people who have weighed in on this have discussed the matter off-line, and there is now a consensus that the magic date is May 30. If that is Turner’s first day on the roster, he would accumulate service time this year as follows:

2015 — 45
April — 0
May — 2 (May 30, 31)
June — 30
July –31
August — 31
September -30
October — 2 (October 1, 2)
Total — 171

More detail on how service time is counted can be found here:

This does not mean, of course, that Turner will be called up on May 30.  But if the Nats want to preserve that extra year of team control, they won’t call him up before then.

Screengrab from Statcast

Screengrab from Statcast

This is your link to keep up with Trea Turner’s AAA stats. As of this morning, Trea is batting .333 with a .402 OBP and has 9 steals and has not been caught stealing.
Turner is another player you could call a game changer because of his speed tool, and with Dee Gordon suspended, there is no other infielder that is faster than Trea Turner.

If you ever had any concerns about Trea Turner’s arm strength this video should clear up any issues.

Here is the Trea Turner countdown clock

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