Game #14, Joe Ross takes on the new Marlin Wei Yin Chen: Game Thread

You can watch a baseball game, and see things that you have never seen before. Last night was case and point with 4 HRs in one inning and 2 sets of back-to-back HRs. We saw a 200 HR milestone HR by Jayson Werth and a Bryce Harper grand slam and solos by Wilson Ramos and Ryan Zimmerman. Not be lost in it all, Stephen Strasburg pitched a masterful gem.

Today we get Joe Ross and Wei-Yin Chen facing off at 7:10pm in Miami. You might remember Chen as the ex-Oriole who left as a Free Agency this past off-season. The Nats have faced him before. Joe Ross is coming off of a brilliant start on Friday versus the Phillies and hopes to repeat on his new and improved repertoire.

The scouting report on the lefty Chen is that he throws a 92mph fastball about 60% of the time in the 2-seam and 4-seam, along with a slider, curveball, and splitter that makes up the other 40% of what he throws.

Here are the Nats stats vs Wei-Yin Chen:

Here are the Marlins against Joe Ross:

Line-up (Subject to change without notice):

  1. Michael Taylor CF
  2. Anthony Rendon 3B
  3. Bryce Harper RF
  4. Ryan Zimmerman 1B
  5. Daniel Murphy 2B
  6. Jayson Werth LF
  7. Wilson Ramos C
  8. Danny Espinosa SS
  9. Joe Ross RHP
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