Bryce Harper’s Opening Day Victus BH137.1 bat & new Topps card & the ‘Make Baseball Fun Again’ cap

On Opening Day, Bryce Harper had many bats to choose from for his gamers to be placed in the dugout, and he is very particular with the bats he uses in a game. On the 1st game of the season, Bryce chose a newly modified Victus bat to use as his primary bat. Bryce went with a BH137.1 model made by Victus Bats. In Bryce’s 1st at-bat of the season, he hit a HR with that bat, and it was career HR #98.

bryce harper victus opening day 2016

Bryce Harper is now 2 HRs shy of joining the 100 career Home Run club which he should be part of quickly in 2016.  Which lucky bat will he hit it #100 with?

Bryce Harper won’t be the youngest player in MLB history to hit 100 home runs as Mel Ott holds the record reaching the 100 HR milestone at 22 years, 132 days old. Bryce Harper was 23 years, 171 days old on Opening Day 2016. During tomorrow night’s game in Atlanta Bryce will have 12 days remaining to hit 2 HRs and get ahead of Albert Pujols who hit his 100th HR at 23 years and 185 days of age. Hank Aaron was 23 years 191 days old and Ken Griffey, Jr. was 23 years 206 days old when they joined the 100 HR Club.

bryce harper victus opening day 2016 Getty Images

We spoke to Mike Sinclair of Victus Bats after the game, and he has confirmed that the bat used by Bryce on Opening Day is this bat (pictured below) that was made for Bryce last week with a slight modification from the BH137 model as this BH137.1 had a knob modification that Bryce requested.

Topps Baseball Cards has already created a card that commemorates Bryce’s Opening Day of 2016
bryce harper Topps Now Opening Day card
bryce harper Topps Now Opening Day card back

Bryce Harper also had a surprise of sorts for the media as he would unveil a cap that he would wear in front of the media in his post-game talk with reporters, and the photos went viral of course. The cap was an homage to his ESPN The Magazine article in which Bryce’s cap was embroidered with “Make Baseball Fun Again”. The trucker hat design was also a takeoff on Trump’s “Make America Great Again”.

Some irony of sorts, yesterday was #CapsOn  Day sponsored by New Era Caps, and Bryce was featured in New Era ads with his Nats cap. Well, that “Make Baseball Fun Again” is not a New Era cap we’ve been told.

In January, Bryce signed a deal to be a Brand Ambassador for New Era Caps and was out and about wearing a New Era cap with a Redskins logo on it at the Super Bowl and Bryce was featured in photos with Nina Agdal with their caps.

“I had worked with New Era on their All-Star Game campaign, with Nina Agdal, so I’ve done a bit of modeling, if you’d call it that,” Harper said. “Honestly, it’s great to be a brand ambassador for New Era, because I’ve [grown] up with them. Ever since I was 5 or 6 years old, I was wearing snapbacks or beanies, and it was always New Era or nothing else.”

For those interested in the ‘official’ cap, the caps are available at Envision Tees in Iowa. Here is the link: Make Baseball Fun Again cap

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