Predictions for the 2016 season #Nats

predictionsWe will have some fun with predictions. This will be closed tomorrow after 1st pitch. We will give out some autographed prizes to the Top 3!


1. Who wins the NL East in 2016?


2. How many wins do the Nats finish with in 2016?


3. Which Nats pitcher has the most wins in 2016?


4. Who is your Nats team MVP?


5. What is the date for the 1st roster move of 2016?


6. When does Trea Turner make his Nats 2016 debut?


7. When does Lucas Giolito make his Nats debut?


8. Where does Giolito start his 2016 season:  A.  Stays in extended Spring Training B. Harrisburg C. Syracuse


9. Does Bryce Harper win the Triple Crown in 2016?


10. What will Bryce Harper’s WAR be per FanGraphs in 2016?


11. What team will Reynaldo Lopez begin his 2016 season with?


12. What team will Victor Robles finish his 2016 season with?


13. Will Bronson Arroyo pitch during the 2016 regular season for the Washington Nationals?


14.  What will the Washington Nationals home attendance be for 2016?


15. Who starts more games in 2016 between Michael A. Taylor and Jayson Werth?


16. How many games will Ryan Zimmerman start in 2016?


17. Who are the Washington Nationals All Stars for 2016?


18. Will the MASN lawsuit be settled before the end of the 2016 regular season?


19. How many no-hitters will Nats pitchers throw in 2016?


20. How many steals will Ben Revere have for the 2016 regular season?


BONUS: What corporation buys the naming rights to Nats Park?


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