Jayson Werth once again reminds his critics that you shouldn’t count him out!

Jayson Werth has always had his critics. They have been around his whole career doubting him. The Orioles used a 1st round pick on Werth in 1997, but gave up on him and traded him just 3 years later to the Blue Jays. The Blue Jays made a decision 12 years ago from yesterday to trade Jayson Werth and go with the rookie Simon Pond. Werth would continue to bounce around from the Dodgers to the Phillies and got his big break in 2008 as Charlie Manuel made Werth a starter at the age of 29. Werth proved that perseverance would pay off.

Werth has always believed in himself when others have not. Werth will turn 37 in 50 days, and while he has admitted recently that he can’t play forever, he also said he feels like he has a lot left in the tank.

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Between last years recovery from shoulder surgery and a fracture in his wrist, Werth came into the 2016 season as a player who was more of a question mark than he was a player with a proven history. Jayson didn’t worry about it as his critics took to the airwaves.

Bryce Harper was quoted as saying, “JDub is in incredible shape.” 

Werth said, “It feels like a normal Spring Training. I’m getting my work in. I don’t do a whole lot in the off-season. With 2 weeks left is when I start kicking it into gear.” That explains why Jayson starts off slow and picks up as Spring Training goes on. Jayson finished his Grapefruit League stats today with a nice .286 BA and an .810 OPS and a crushed Home Run off of Noah Syndergaard of the Mets which was the only HR that Syndergaard gave up all Spring.

We can once again say that the rumors of Werth’s demise is greatly exaggerated.

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