Nats beat the Braves in Viera. My review.

My spring training review
By Alex Ross, Age 7, Gaithersburg, MD

The Nats were so good this spring training season and they outscored their opponents 22 runs to 4 runs in just the 3 games I went to. The Nats record with 1 more game left in spring training is 17 and 4. I think that is what you call amazing!!!!!!!

Today, I went to the game in Viera with my family and my friend’s family. I had lots of fun at the game and got an autograph from Aaron Barrett. Some of the key players for the Nats today were Ryan Zimmerman, Bryce Harper, and Gio Gonzalez. Bryce Harper was a key player because he had 2 runs, 1 rbi, and 1 walk. Harper also just missed hitting a gigantic home run. Gio Gonzalez was a player of the game also because he pitched 6 innings without letting up any walks and only 2 runs. Zimmerman went 3 for 4 with 3 rbis!

I had a great time this weekend at spring training. Here are some of the best things that happened this weekend.
I got lots of autographs from players and I thought Roark was the most nice. He signed lots of autographs 2 different days. I really wanted Harper and Werth but they were not signing.


Bob Henley “Sendley” was awesome and he was talking to me from the field. He is the best 3rd base coach in the WORLD!!!!!!!! I got the whole front row of my section to cheer “SENDLEY, SENDLEY!” I am his number 1 fan!

Trea Turner is super fast and I love to watch all the speed he has!!! Turner had an amazing triple yesterday! I hope that he makes the team.

Michael A Taylor was also amazing. He hit 2 really good homers. I met him and it was really fun to talk with him about all of his homers he hit.

I had a really fun time at Spring Training. I hope the Nats do amazing in the regular season. Last year, my dad and I went to 23 Nats games and a 6 game baseball roadtrip. This year, I want to go to more games. Go Nats!


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