Nats beat Cardinals 7-0. My Nats post game review

My Nats post game review

March 26, 2016

Alex Ross, Age 7, Gaithersburg, MD

Today I went with my dad and my best friend Justin (and his dad too), to a Nats game, the Nats were playing the Cardinals at Roger Dean Stadium. This game was much better than last night when I went because last night the game got rained out.  I got lots of autographs from players and coaches today – they were really nice.  I got autographs from Dusty Baker, Davey Lopes, and Michael A. Taylor.

Today it was also Michael A. Taylor’s birthday and for his birthday he gave me an autograph!


The game was really good and the Nats won 7-0.  The Nats got their first run by a Ryan Zimmerman ground ball and Matt Den Dekker scored.  The next run was a Ryan Zimmerman home run.  The third and fourth runs was an error by Kolten Wong when Wilson Ramos and Chris Heisey scored. The 5th run was an error by Matt Carpenter when Danny Espinosa scored.  The last run was a single by Michael Taylor and Trea Turner and Matt den dekker scored. That was really a good game.

My favorite part of the game was when I got the autographs, and when Ryan Zimmerman got a one run home run. I think the Nats could be really good in the regular season with what their record is right now in spring training.  I hope that Trea Turner makes the team because he is probably the fastest player on the Nats major league team and out of all the players on the Nats minor league teams.

I’m really excited to go to one more spring training game tomorrow when I watch the Nats play the Braves.  Go Nats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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