Draft Orders & Draft Dollars are set! #Nats pick #28, #29, #58 and #94 + Today’s Scrimmage

Draft orders and Draft dollars for the June 9th Rule 4 Amateur Draft are now set. The Nationals now have 4 picks within the Top 100 picks and 2 picks in the coveted Top 30.

#28 QO Comp pick for free agent Ian Desmond; Rangers forfeit 1st round pick
#29 QO Comp pick for free agent Jordan Zimmerman; Tigers forfeit 2nd round pick
#58 pick in the 2nd Round
#94 pick in the 3rd round

Top players chosen at #28 overall were Lee Smith, Charles Johnson, Colby Rasmus and a player named Ben Revere! You do even better at #29 overall as George Brett, Adam Wainwright, Bill Swift, Dave Kingman and a player named Del Unser. Also consider a player named Joe Panik who was also the #29th overall pick.

Top players chosen at #58 overall was some guy named Tony Gwynn! Also consider Jason Giambi, Rick Aguilera, Rance Mulliniks,  and some guy named Tyson Ross (Joe’s brother).

Top players chosen at #94 include David Justice, Scott Downs, Joe Smith, and Logan Schafer.

The point is you just never know what you can find as there are gems at every spot in the Top 100 picks, and you never know if you could find a Hall of Famer like Mike Piazza at Pick #1390 in the 2nd or 3rd round!

 Rule 4
Amateur Draft
(sorted by total $)
1 Reds $13,923,700
2 Phillies $13,405,200
3 Padres $12,743,800
4 Braves $12,385,200
5 Rockies $11,153,400
6 Athletics $9,883,500
7 Brewers $9,364,300
8 White Sox $9,354,000
9 Dodgers $9,273,900
10 Cardinals $9,080,700
11 Twins $7,997,200
12 Rays $7,643,100
13 Mets $7,578,000
14 Orioles $7,486,900
15 Indians $7,343,000
16 Mariners $7,136,000
17 Red Sox $6,997,400
18 Pirates $6,945,400
19 Blue Jays $6,603,300
20 Marlins $6,445,900
21 Angels $5,963,900
22 Astros $5,865,700
23 Yankees $5,768,400
24 Nationals $5,538,400
25 Tigers $5,424,300
26 Diamondbacks $5,419,900
27 Giants $3,494,900
28 Rangers $3,293,006
29 Royals $3,225,300
30 Cubs $2,245,100

The Nats held another intra-squad scrimmage today, Gio vs Strasburg

gerry scrimmage lineup

Jose Lobaton hits the HR off of AJ Cole

gerry scrimmage lobaton

AJ Cole gives up the HR to Lobatongerry scrimmage ajcole

Dusty Baker and Daniel Murphy watching from the dugout
gerry scrimmage baker

gerry scrimmage 1

Gio hanging out with the ‘braintrust’ behind homeplate after he finished pitching…and showered…and changed into fresh clothes.

gerry scrimmage gio

The Minor Leaguers get to sit behind homeplate

gerry scrimmage minor leaguers

All photos for Talk Nats by Gerry Gleckel. Thanks Gerry!
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