ESPN Baseball Tonight visits Viera and quotes aplenty! #Nats

Bryce Harper played catch while being interviewed  by Karl Ravech, who along with John Kruk and the ESPN Baseball Tonight staff, descended on Viera with their video crew. They picked a few Nats to talk to for some great quotes. It was also the same day that Dusty called for a team scrimmage that was open to the public and attendance was free.

The Nats intra-squad scrimmage was ‘Team Scherzer’ against ‘Team Ross’ and there were some impressive plays all day, and KGWCoach gave us a play-by-play today of the scrimmage and emailed us a few more thoughts, and we say thank you for that Ken!

“Turner looked good yesterday and today. Ramos had a couple of good hits today. There were about 4 other…” — kgwcoach

“Something I didn’t explain. At the end of each half inning, they did a bunt drill. Men on first and second and called different defenses.  Worked on catcher calling for throw first/third.  If there was four pitches without a bunt, they did a pickoff play.

Any ball in the dirt runners were going. Turner stole a base easily.

All the minor league players that weren’t suited to play were sitting in the stands behind home plate. KW”

Dusty gave his thoughts of returning to baseball and his thoughts on his new team and had this to say, “I’m very glad that I’m back now. The main thing I’m trying to learn everybody. I’m trying to learn their names. I’m trying to learn their personalities. Learn about the organization. We have a lot of good people here. Very good people. Veterans that are used to leading. We have a great mixture of youth and veterans at the same time. These guys were good before I got here. I’m trying to get them back where they were, and then take them over the top.”

Dusty admitted he isn’t good with names and calls a lot of people ‘Dude’ and of course Bryce is ‘Royce’ or ‘Rolls Royce’ as we like to call him.

Karl Ravech of ESPN got to play catch with Bryce who is breaking in a new Rawlings glove for the season. Ravech asked Bryce “Where are your buddies who are 23 years old?” Bryce replied, “They are still in college.” Good answer Bryce although some of Bryce’s buddies like Joey Gallo, Kris Bryant, and Chasen Shreve all have made it to the show, and Ravech might have forgotten that Bryce did attend college at the age of 17 at the College of Southern Nevada and was the big man on campus.

Bryce continued, “[Dusty] is a beautiful human being. He’s actually hilarious. He’s fun to play for.  So I’m definitely looking forward to picking his mind some more. He has that swagger that I love.”

Bryce reiterated what he thought of his team and the clubhouse, “Still trying to grind it out every single day. It’s a blessing come out here to play this game every single day , I love it, and walking into this clubhouse and having a great team. It’s a dream come true every single day.”

Ravech asked, 400 million dollars matter to you?”

This is where you hold your breath at what Bryce might say to that. Here is how Bryce responded, Not right now.”

Ravech responded in approval, Attaboy.”

Bryce finished his thought, “Playing this game every single day. That’s all that matters to me. So I’m looking forward to this year, and that’s all that matters.”

Here is the link to the Ryan Zimmerman video with Ravech: ESPN VIDEO WITH RYAN ZIMMERMAN and KARL RAVECH

Zimmerman said, “I’m a big believer that the manager kind of sets the tone to the clubhouse, but honestly when the game started it’s up to the group we have to go out and win. Dusty has that chill zen and go out and have fun and play hard. I’m not a big rah-rah guy. We have a pretty veteran group now. Each guy individually knows what they need to do to get ready to play. As much as a team sport as it is and individually be ready to play it gives you your best chance of winning.”

Ravech asked if the Nats are in a window now where the Nats are able to win a title. Zim responded, “Yah. They have done a really good job of building up the organization. Made some signings in the off-season and now we are looking to get to that next level now which is everyone’s goal.”

Ryan Zimmerman spoke from the heart on switching positions, ‘I’m at peace with that now’ making that move from 3rd base to 1st base.

Daniel Murphy got to talk about his new team. “Guys have been really welcoming. You compete against a ballclub  for so long, you’re kind of unsure how they’re gonna feel about you on the way in. They’ve been great. Camps been great. Dusty has been unbelievable so far.”

Ravech asked, “What’s it going to be like facing the staff you just left knowing Harvey, Syndergaard?” Murphy responded, “It’s an elite pitching staff over there. Very talented…Get a good pitch in the middle of the plate and get your ‘A’ swing off. That’s all you really can control. It doesn’t matter who’s out there. Get a pitch in your zone. Put a good move on it. Hopefully find some grass out there.”  A favorite saying at Talk Nats is finding that outfield green grass, and you have to like Murphy’s philosophy of hitting.

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