Bryce Harper is the MVP and what he needs is ________________ .

What a crazy January.  The Nats officially announced the signing of Daniel Murphy then traded Storen for the speedy lead-off guy Ben Revere and just when you thought that maybe Rizzo was done the news broke that he was “in” on Yoenis Cespedes.


mets and bryce

There’s that ole saying “Worry about yourself”.  The Nats need to worry about the Nats. FanGraphs didn’t change their estimates of what the Nats would do this year, but none of that matters as you have to play the games. If you didn’t have to play those games, the Nats would have won the World Series in 2015 based on all the estimates.

Here is the most up-to-date FanGraphs (h/t JCCfromDC )  and appears to have an adjustment for Cespedes as the RS/G went from 4.04 to 4.14:

fangraphs 1 24 16


The Jonas Blizzard seemed to be disrupting the travels to the BBWAA Awards banquet in NYC. Tweets said it was cancelled then we saw Bryce post a photo of himself in a blue tux holding up his award. What’s the deal? We saw that MLB Network would broadcast the banquet show on Friday, and we have some great quotes for you now. Congrats Bryce!

bryce harper tux mvp


mvp banquet

mvp banquet


Harper thanks ‘pops’ as he accepts NL MVP Award. Here is the video from :

Looking good Bryce!  He choked up during his acceptance speech for his MVP award as he was talking about his parents and family, and just another reason we love Bryce Harper. Bryce talked about his teammates and in particular Desi and Werth and his agent and others.

Here’s a few snippets of Bryce’s acceptance speech:

“To Mr. and Mrs. Lerner, Mark Lerner, Mike Rizzo, thank you for giving me an opportunity to play every single day. It’s a blessing, and I can’t thank you enough. To the fans of D.C., and all you’ve done for our team, you’re the best in the world.”

“I play for a great team, great management, and great fans, and although this trophy represents the great year that I had, I’m still not satisfied as a player. I fell short. The most important thing about a professional athlete is how those athletes help make it one of the best teams in baseball; however, this year wasn’t our year. I hope I can continue to stay healthy and build on a 2015 MVP campaign for years to come in D.C. and win a World Series.”


We love that Rizzo tried to get Bryce his big right-handed bat that Bryce had on his request list:

“The one thing we definitely need is another left-handed bat and hopefully a HUGE right-handed bat to hit behind me or in front of me. If we can do that, that would definitely help us out and put us up to the top.”

√ – left-handed bat. Rizzo got Daniel Murphy and Ben Revere

X – HUGE right-handed bat to hit behind me or in front of me.  N/A unless you consider that as Rendon, Zimmerman or Werth, but give Rizzo an A for effort in his attempts to sign Cespedes.

What is Mike Rizzo’s next move?

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