Giving thanks on our first Thanksgiving together!

There’s that funny theory that questions if a falling tree in a forest really makes noise if there is nobody around to hear it, and the same could be said for a blog as to whether it exists if nobody reads it.  Thanks to you all we get read and shared and have become a thriving Nats community.

The “Going Deep With The Nats” idea became a reality because of the encouragement of so many of you.  The emails received from Mike “Mustang” Smith asking us to start a blog and Don H. aka Zmunchkin was the brains behind the tech side and Ray and Laddie and MrsB and so many others who jumped in.  Our promise was a moderated and interactive site and let your voices heard.

When the workload to keep up with the site became overwhelming, it was Andrew at Allstars Sports Marketing and Scott and his team at Image Works Creative who took over the site and brought it onto it’s own domain created by Scott on along with the logos.  Sitework is a constant and we couldn’t have done it without Scott and his entire company of dozens of techies.

You all have probably noticed that the site currently has no advertising and probably wonder how it financially survives? Thank Image Works for all of that and if you need any tech work, send them some business

We thank our sources for believing in us and trusting us with their information.  We’ve now been quoted by MLBTradeRumors on different stories and even MASN. Thanks to our sources and that has been great for our credibility and we thank everyone for having faith in us that our information was solid!


We thank the players of the Nats and their family and friends for being a part of this Blog also.

Enjoy all of what Thanksgiving is about which is as American as baseball! If you’re traveling, safe travels, and eat well and enjoy with your family and friends.

Thanks to all of you as you heard our tree fall in the forest.

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