4 Score and 10 Years ago Ted Lerner was born. Happy Birthday! #Nats #TalkNats

Yes, 90 years ago on October 15, 1925, Theodore Lerner was born.  Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Lerner.  We had all hoped that your 90th birthday present was going to be a World Series trophy and it was not meant to be.

We also believe that Mr. Lerner wants to leave a legacy for Washington DC well past his 100th birthday, and he could do that by making Bryce Harper the wealthiest athlete in sports history with a 15 year $450 million contract with additional option years.

Washington DC was devoid of baseball for over Two Score and 3 years  before the return of the Washington Nationals to the nation’s capital and in 2018 the city will host it’s first All Star game in almost 50 years.

We can only hope Frank Howard is the Grand Marshall for the festivities and do it right.  Thank you again Mr. Lerner for what you have built that will last for generations.

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