In-Game, last game of 2015 for our Washington Nationals 10/4/2015 #162

Magic was in the air last night as Max Scherzer spun some baseball magic and history.  Sometime this afternoon we will say goodbye to real Nats baseball for 2015.  In the words of MrsB, “Sigh”.

This comment from legnatsfan seemed appropriate given what happened a week ago:

With all the negativity that’s surrounded this ball club in the past few weeks it’s refreshing to have Max’s 2nd no-no, a possible sweep of the Mets, and Byrce’s personal accomplishments to carry us into the offseason. It’s so reassuring that Max has ended his season dominating and that Strasburg has ended so strong. I will really miss JZ but I think we will have the best 1 & 2 for next season. Papelbon who? Let’s move on!

Today’s line-up has Bryce Harper returning and going for his own history.  Pedro Severino gets his 1st career MLB start as the battery-mate of Tanner Roark who will continue to prove he’s the right man for the last spot in the Nats starting rotation, and sadly for many, this will most likely be the last game for Ian Desmond in a Nationals uniform.  Desi is the longest tenured player in the organization dating back to June 16, 2004,  long before the Expos were sold by MLB to the Lerner ownership group.

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