In-Game, Strasburg goes for it. Trea Turner with another start!

These in-game posts lately seem the same after all of these games, but it’s 4 games left before the roster changes forever. The odds that the Nats could ever compile this exact roster again next year or beyond is near zero% and last night’s post-game interview with Wilson Ramos told it all as he had tears in his eyes as Dan Kolko asked him what it meant to be a teammate with Jordan Zimmermann. Tonight Ian Desmond makes another start but there’s no telling which one will be his last on the field as a Washington National.

We are trying to do ‘be positive’ here and look towards a great future with this team even though things haven’t been great lately in NatsTown.  The people who come here aren’t thechase_2015-10-01-15-18-36_1 bandwagon fans who give up so easily and even the beat writers seem to be displaying and reveling in the negativity as that’s what seems to get ‘clicks’ and generates the ad revenue and the Svrluga article(s) got a lot of distance, and discussion and it’s a one-sided piece.  We believe in everything that there’s 2 sides to every story, and the story sometimes is as simple as you can’t win hobbling on 1 leg which is the story of the 200+ games missed by Nats projected starters when you consider Span, Rendon, RZim, Harper, Werth, Desi, Escobar, Ramos, Scherzer was your projected 2015 Opening Day line-up.  Now we can get back to the game and the October 1, 2015 line-up which will be a glimpse of the past and the future.


Here is tonight’s line-up:

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