In-Game, possibly the last JZim start as a Nat. Also a line-up scratch

Jordan Zimmermann wouldn’t admit to saying that September 30th 2015 would be his last game pitching as a Washington National as he said, “Let’s see what happens”, and he is correct as stranger things have happened including like Livan Hernandez that you can always come back towards the end of your career.

Jordan Zimmermann has always been the bulldog of this staff and his tenure under team control just seemed to go by too quickly with the lost year from Tommy John surgery and the shortened 2011 season coming back from Tommy John.  Last year, Jordan Zimmermann showed us he is a true Ace with the no-hitter on September 28th but also the masterful job of throwing virtually a shutout against the Giants in Game 2 and departing that game with 2 outs in the 9th and left to the bullpen to get the last out with a 1-0 lead.

Jordan Zimmermann’s stats didn’t look like an ace this year but many games did which is why the Nats have won 19 of the 32 games he has started this season.  He has averaged starts this season that have gone well into the 7th inning which is 2nd on the staff just below Scherzer.  JZim threw 4 shutouts this year and 23 games of 32 in which he gave up 3 runs or less.  It’s his 5 games where he gave up 5 runs or more that killed his stats but like they say, ‘you aren’t as bad as you look when you’re losing or as good as you look when you’re winning’ and JZim resembles that well.  His stats will end making him look like a #3 to some, a #2 to some others, and a few might think he can regain #1 stature, but it’s doubtful he will see $27 million a year because he’s right-handed, doesn’t have the gaudy K rates that some GMs want, and he will be coming off of a 3.50ish ERA and lastly he is a Tommy John survivor.

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Today’s lineup vs. Williams Perez:


Update 4:59pm : Trea Turner will replace Escobar and play 2nd base with Rendon shifting to 3rd base. Escobar was scratched.

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