BREAKING: Bryce Harper & Papelbon get into a physical altercation in the dugout

This Harper and Papelbon altercation will be the biggest story to end the season.  The comments that Bryce made about the Papelbon plunking calling it “tired” and Bryce made it about himself saying he would be the target of the Orioles on the finale of the series.

Here it is:


With Papelbon chirping at Harper as he popped out in the 8th inning and headed back to the dugout, how didn’t teammates jump in before it escalated?

It’s unfortunate and a capper on a horrible season.

Papelbon still has that 3 game appealed suspension hanging over him.  We will see what happens from here.

Matt Williams wouldn’t give details on the fight calling it “a family issue and we will deal with it this way”.  Matt Williams said that Papelbon is “his closer”.

Papelbon said “I was wrong there and I told him that. He has a brother. I have a brother. We are all brothers here.  In light of that I was wrong. We are all brothers here. The next day you give each other a hug.  I think Bryce understands where I’m coming from.”  He went on to say, “Emotions spill over”.  Papelbon said it didn’t come from the plunking of Machado incident when asked by the media if that started the issue.  “You have to admit when you’re wrong. You have a brotherly relationship.  We will come closer together”.

That’s one way to defuse the situation but will Bryce Harper be okay going forward with Papelbon.

Bryce when asked about the altercation, “Just getting ready for the next 6 days” and looks like he is taking tomorrow off as a scheduled day off. Bryce repeated the “next 6 games” quote several times which was reminiscent of Marshawn Lynch at the Super Bowl press conferences.

Bryce was asked if he’s fought with a teammate before, “I’m used to fighting with the other team”. A media member told Bryce that Papelbon said he apologized and Harper responded, “He apologized. So whatever. [pause] I really don’t care. It’s like brothers fighting. That’s what happens”.

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