In-Game, Let’s Play One! Yesterday’s starters pitch today due to the rainout.

Mother Nature rained on Washington DC and caused the rainout on Monday and that game technically is being played on Thursday.  Including tonight’s game, there is only 13 scheduled games for the rest of the regular season.  The Nats need to just keep winning if for nothing else then self-respect.  There are several players competing for personal goals. Bryce Harper is going for baseball records that could put him in a league of his own.  He is being mentioned with some of the greatest of the game like Ruth, Ted Williams and Barry Bonds.   Yunel Escobar is near the tops of NL batting average.  Michael Taylor, Joe Ross, and Clint Robinson all are trying to open eyes and gets some Rookie of the Year votes.  So are you can see, there is something to play for and the fans want to see that!

Another stat brought to our attention by an email from Rocky5 is that the Nats are 11th in attendance in the MLB and actually ahead of the Mets.


That tidbit about the Mets seems to have gone un-noticed by many and I thank Rocky5 for bringing that up.  Also, you will notice the Nats once again will far exceed the Baltimore attendance as they rank #19 in average game attendance while their stadium capacity is almost 12% larger.

Tonight’s game 1 features Ubaldo Jimenez and Gio Gonzalez.  Jimenez has a 4.31 ERA this season for the Orioles and has struggled for consistency.  Ubaldo throws the sinker as his primary pitch and his secondary pitch is the splitter. He also throws a slider and will also throw the curveball.

Nats players have faced Ubaldo before but so much of the sample size is from the years when Ubaldo was a dominant pitcher that it lacks relevance as he just isn’t the same pitcher anymore.  He gets himself in trouble when his pitches are up in the zone.   His velo has dropped over the years to where he is more of a finesse pitcher with his sinker sitting at 91-92mph.

The Nats could go with the same line-up as was posted last night with Lobaton and Clint Robinson and should be out shortly.

Lineups are same as last night. Wonder what took so long to release it.

Let us hope the Washington Nationals can bring home a Curly W tonight!

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