In-Game Nats have Gio Gonzalez

Nats set-up Saturday with Gio Gonzalez to face the Braves best pitcher Shelby Miller.  The question is always which Gio Gonzalez the Nats will see on the mound as he has pitched like an Ace many times this season and unfortunately that hasn’t always been the case. Shelby Miller is the Braves pitcher who has suffered behind a lack of run support.

If you’re going to sit Ian Desmond, tonight would be the night. Desi is 1-17 for an .059 vs Shelby Miller.  The Nats players who are hitting Miller well are Rendon and Espinosa who both have the same exact slashes at 4-11 with a walk and a double.  Clint Robinson has a HR vs Miller.   The rest, nothing great but as we know about small sample sizes, not to be relied on.

Shelby Miller vs righties this season hit him at .195 while lefties hit him at .258.  Miller will give up walks if you work him.  Miller throws mostly fastballs that consist of his 4-seamer, cutter, and sinker.  The 4-seamer sizzles near 95 or more and the cutter comes in 0ff-speed at 89-90.  Miller will throw the sinker when he needs a groundball.  He throws a slow curve as his only breaking pitch and that will sit at mid-70’s and will work in a couple of change-up to give him a 5 grip repertoire of pitches.

Lineup is:

  1. Werth RF
  2. Rendon 2B
  3. Harper CF
  4. RZ 1B
  5. CRob LF
  6. Esco 3B
  7. Desi SS
  8. Ramos C
  9. Gio P


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