In-Game JZim against Braves in Game 1 of 4

Jordan Zimmermann takes the ball for the Nats against the Braves and the rookie Wisler.

The Nats find themselves 6.5 back in the NL East and must go on a long winning streak to improve their chances for the postseason.  As they say, it all starts right now, and the Nats come back to DC from a big win in St. Louis.

Ryan Zimmerman leads the Nats offense but there is much uncertainty with the health of 2 outfielders with Bryce Harper’s glute and Michael A. Taylor’s knee.  Then you have the health of Stephen Strasburg as a question mark in the starting rotation.  Bryce Harper will start on Thursday and we will watch how he’s running.

With all the question marks on the health of the outfielders do you go to the farm system and bring up Brian Goodwin in case you need an extra outfield glove?  Goodwin is already on the 40 man roster.  Nats will get back Tyler Moore today as he is eligible to come off the 15 day DL.  We will also check on our rumor yesterday that AJ Cole would be called up as we had a long discussion yesterday pre-game as Cole last pitched on Sunday and would pitch tomorrow.

Also we had a discussion in-game about Ryan Zimmerman exploiting pitchers who try to pitch him outside as we believe on our eye test that he moved closer to the plate when he returned from his last DL stint.

This is the chart of RZim’s go-ahead double against Broxton.

Another chart from yesterday was the Moss HR vs Scherzer.  Ray Knight said the pitch was on the outside edge but James Wagner tweeted

Pitch F/X confirms outside edge and Moss must have caught it out front to pull it.

Bryce Harper is in fact penciled into the early lineup with Clint Robinson starting in LF:

  1. Werth RF
  2. Rendon 2B
  3. Harp CF
  4. RZ 1B
  5. CRob LF
  6. Esco 3B
  7. Desi SS
  8. Ramos C
  9. JZim P

There is also a new weekend starting rotation:

  1. Thurs: JZim  
  2. Friday: Roark  
  3. Saturday: Gio  
  4. Sunday:  Joe Ross

The current thinking is that if Stephen Strasburg’s back and neck are pain-free tomorrow he will get a start on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday against the Mets.  Strasburg threw a bullpen session today and got through it with no issues. The Nats right now align Scherzer on Monday on regular rest for the day game and JZim on regular rest for Tuesday.

Could Rizzo put Strasburg in on Monday to go up against Niese and allow an extra days rest for Scherzer to face Harvey and JZim against deGrom?


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