Storen, Janssen, it's déjà vu all over again.

We all like Drew Storen and Casey Janssen, but these men are paid as “closers” to do their role in the earlier innings or different situations in what is supposed to be lower stress situations, and combined in 2 games in a row they lost Nats leads that turned into Nats losses.

You can’t be a playoff calibre team making mental mistakes and pitching mistakes when you have a lead.  That’s my opinion.

For anyone wondering what happened to Drew Storen, it happened before the error on the throw occurred.

Single to Pham on a poor pitch:

Then he throws inside to Moss and hits him putting 2 men on and no outs and on the third batter he faced he got a comebacker and instead of getting the runner at 1st for a sure out he forced the ball to 3rd and made a poor throw, and there’s no telling if he would have thrown Pham out with a near perfect throw.

Then the game ended on this play on a meatball by Janssen in a tie game and 2 outs:

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