It took 10 days for the Nats to gain ground in the standings. Progress!

It seems like forever since the last time the Mets would lose on the same day the Nats would win and that last happened on August 19 when the Mets lost in Baltimore and the Nats beat the Rockies.

On Saturday night, the lead in the NL East had been cut to 5.5 games.  The Mets haven’t lost 2 games in a row since they were swept by the Pirates on Aug 14-16 and lost 3 in a row.   The Mets low point of the season was their 7 game losing streak from June 17-24 of 2015.

Screen Grab from MASN Sports

Screen Grab from MASN Sports

The Nats just have to keep winning.  As the pressure mounts on the Mets, let’s see how they cope with it.   There is no substitution for the Nats taking care of their own business, and on Labor Day Sept 7th the Mets travel to DC to play the Nats for a 3 day series.  It’s time for the Nats to go on a tear and a long winning streak.  It’s the only way to make up the ground necessary with only 35 games remaining.  Think of the possibilities if the Nats can get that deficit down to 3 to 4 in the standings.

The Mets are finalizing another trade to help the struggling middle of their bullpen by acquiring Addison Reed, the former closer of the Arizona Diamondbacks, who was demoted this year to AAA and called back up.

On Sunday afternoon, the Nats send Stephen Strasburg to the mound to win another series.  At some point though, the Nats not only have to win series— but sweep series.  This isn’t trying to be greedy but that is the only way to make up the ground to make more progress in the NL East standings by the Nats.

It’s those statlines by Nats pitchers is what is needed consistently going forward in order to do it.  Again, not just 2 or 3 pitchers, but all 5 Nats starters!

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