The Nats Clubhouse looks like a MASH unit. Span to the DL, MAT with knee, Esco with hand.

Three injuries were reported in 1 game, and two happened during the game.

First it was Esco getting a HBP on his hand with bases loaded, and Yunel left the game and was replaced by Danny Espinosa at 2nd as Rendon shifted to 3rd base.  Then MAT in the 7th inning crashed into the wall and hobbled off the field via the bullpen with help from Jayson Werth and a trainer.

To compensate for MAT being removed from the game, Espinosa moved to LF, Bryce moved to CF,  Werth moved to RF and Trea Turner took over at 2nd base.  Span did not enter the game and Matt Williams stated in his pre-game presser that Span was available off the bench if needed, and clearly he was needed and didn’t enter the game and that was what they call foreshadowing to news that we would find out in the postgame presser that Span has hip inflammation and would go back on the DL.

There is a good chance that Matt den Dekker could be the call-up today as Tyler Moore isn’t available to come off the DL until September 2nd.

In our opinion it would make no sense being this close to September 1st to place Michael A. Taylor on the DL as he could be optioned to AAA and come back in 4 days if needed.  Taylor has already been optioned this season so an option wouldn’t burn another option.  This is the one to watch to see if Uggla is activated off the DL as he is eligible.  It would have to be the belief of the Nats that Taylor would be out more than a couple of days to make the move.  If the Nats place Taylor on the DL he won’t be available for 15 days and that makes little sense unless you absolutely know he is out for at least that period.  This is the time of year you can manipulate your roster around the September 1st roster expansions.

If the Nats put Span on the 60 day DL then that opens a spot on the 40 man for another move or there could be someone other move like Difo.  Rizzo is once again going to be creative, but we are thinking Matt den Dekker for sure and Uggla if needed for Taylor.

We will also offer more updates as we receive them regarding the injuries.

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